The Bant Awards 2019

In 2018, we unveiled the The Bant Awards, with a very special bit of finest quality MDF and some super expensive glasses from Ebay given to those most deserving, as voted by 5.3 members of Velobants.

This year we are going BIIIIG (ish) and need your help. Come Jan 2019, we will be awarding the (roughly) same bit of tat (Nath: “ahem…quality merch”) to several people who in the eyes of those who took part…you lot, helped most make Central CXL the best league in the country.. FACT!

Over the 15 races this season, alongside the usual awards for best race, best venue etc, whenever you spot a person, animal or inanimate object that you feel is deserving of a mention or award nomination in the categories below, use the attached form to tell us all about it. Come season end, the best or most nominated will be put up for the vote. We can’t promise everyone will win owt, but you gotta be in it to win it.

Prize Categories

  • Most Embarrassing Moment
  • Best Crash – (hopefully not too serious – but still cringe inducing)
  • Best Supporter – Heavy on the horn, cow bell or heckling
  • Best Newb – Obvious, someone new to the league
  • Spirit of the Bants award – Sportmanship, Voluteering, anything really!
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