Scottish contingent…..they be racing

So its nots just CX fun fun fun doon South, Gaz and Richie were also racing, representin VB north of the border. The venue was Callendar Park near Scotland somewhere….Gaz departed at 13:15 and Richie at 14:15……not sure what cat or race it was….but what I do know is that they are the CX equivalent of Run Rig meets the Back Street Boys. The Kings of the “Mud Tyre” – No not a euphemism …..they don’t need tubes, fuck, they don’t even need water bottles……

On a serious note though the conditions looked shite, plus they were on a links course with horses……f*&cking horses !!!! Compared to the UK it was hell. Unsure of gridding or postion, but them Northern rules there mean gridding stops after the Top 20, therefore I’m pretty sure they rocked up in spots 2-1 and 2-2. Piccies generally showed they both laid the smack down on the other quilt wearing fuck trumpets and well and truly shook up the IronBrew whoopass and Ayrton Senna’d the crap out of it all over anyone brave enough to scream “On your pissing left”… not today Gilbert Grape……”You can take my SPDs….but you canna take my tubeless GPX Gruffos”

They did us proud…I’m literally trying to upload the Snapchat of me beating my chest AS WE SPEAK !!