VB Merch

Welcome to VB Stores – THE place to pick up your Velobants merch.

Bobble Bants!

BobbleBants! – The Velobants Bobble from our friends @ Big Bobble Hats click below to add – to your cart £20 a head 😎

VB MTB Reaper Guard

VB MTB Reaper Guard – No ones like mud on their face, click below to add an Endurooooo MTB guard from our friends @ Reaper to your cart – £10

The Guzova aka “Bants Buff”

The Guzova! Self-named cos it Goes-ova-your-head.

Keep your neck warm with this outstanding bit of VB kit – keeps you super warm in the cold and dries real quick.

Click below to add an the VB Guzova from our official kit partner @ Godfrey Bikewear to your cart – £15

Bottle Bants

The VB Big Mouth – 600ml

Hydrate or die.

Click below to add a couple of VB bottles to your cart – £4 / each