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Velobants knows. We know you want to race. We know you want to have fun. We know you want big time-event feel. That is what we created CX In The City for – to give y’all the best race day experience!

Part of British Cycling’s Central Cyclocross League and hosted at the 2014 UCI World Cup Venue of Campbell Park, Milton Keynes on Saturday 28th Sept 2019 – in just our 2nd year we have managed to draw in top riders, new riders, returning riders AND deliver an atmosphere that is fun, welcoming and “like bigger than the Nationals*”

*technically we are bigger, recording more riders in one race day than the 2019 CX Nationals had. Over 2 days.

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With over 800 riders taking part from under 8s to VET60+ there were records being smashed all over the place but interest was high across the board with Senior, V40 and V50 men’s races all easilsy breaking 100 and 2 over 140.

But they are all eclipsed as we managed to break a British Cycling record for a women’s race (87) and not by a little bit but by miles – 165 women hit the start line – we repeat that again: 1-6-5.

This was easily the talking point of the day but other news of note was Helen Wyman taking part in possibly her last ever CX race being a motivational force all the way cheering the many first CX riders. THEN WE GAVE A WAY A BIKE!

Thanks to Trek Milton Keynes for offering up an amazing Trek Crockett – we had a prize draw for all 165 starters of the women’s race – with Hannah Paice from Twickenham walking (riding) off with a brand spankers new bike!

Hannah Paice off of Twickenham CC – one lucky lady but now with 164 less friends in the pack!
Piccie: thanks to Keith Perry

So what does 165 women on a startline look like, well after the mexican wave the race got under way and one of our own was down at the start to capture the moment – GCN Style….

Velobant’s raceday reporter PauloFitzBanti captures the start of the 165-strong women’s race – GCN style

Well the footage doesn’t end there – while there has been loads of great stuff from outside the tape, we are delighted to say that after 2 years of NEVER GIVING UP, British Cycliing finally granted us approval to pilot on-board footage. So here we go onboard with Team VB’s own Fran Whyte from the start line round most of lap 1….

CX In The City II – Record Breaking 165 Women on the start line – runs through most of lap 1.

Or how about some action that we all love to see – a wave to camera….

FranCam spotted by Lydia “uh-uhhh”

And a “get down” moment at Stairway to Heaven…..well the Red Bull DJ Truck was banging out the tunes afterall!

It’s safe to say this was an emotional day for many and a ‘first’ for seasoned CX riders to experience such numbers of riders on course – there were tears all day – and while all women in the 165 deserve credit for their own battles to be there, one set of ladies stole our hearts: Team Sarah <insert all the love heart emojis in the world>.

And to recap the race recap, look out for our new Gazebo side panel designs coming to a race near you soon…..New Bants On The Block…..


That was but a short recap of CX In The City II. If you’d like to know more or see more pics and videos please contact us via any means below:





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