CCXL Rd 4 – Hemel Hempster

Hemel is still fresh in my mind from last season…..the physiological scaring still quite raw from a hugeous crash and major hurdle-bluffing smash up making me look like a proper cock-womble right in front of my daughter:

But push this to the back of my mind I did as I struggled on knowing this would not happen again….obviously due to the high jump sized regulatory installed sponsored hurdle clothing….did I mention these….

Hemel is a great venue, some serious climbing and the inclusion of the infamous carousel…..think Nurbergring but without the Schnitzel and black bitch but more course tape and unpadded wooden stakes. Perfect opportunity to hone the cornering skills as when this kiddy gets moist….it livens things up a little.

Off the back of Round 3, the flat-A-thon lung buster at Leighton, I came with a plan…well not really a plan, basically just to be a little more mindful of the people I’m actually racing. After a few decent starts I’ve tended to make up a fair few places and be in the mix with the top 20. These certainly are not the riders i’m racing therefore need to consider the long game and let them go and not try and hit the red out the park and keep up. This destroyed me at Round 3.


Course: Very similar to previous years, climbing shortly after the start, get dizzy at the carousel then some twisties and recovery downhill through to the hurdles then sweep down fast to the finish

Gridding: Thommo 38 / Kevvo 60

Results: Thommo 35th / Kevvo 38th

Bants: 4/5 – Awesome support from Team Payne / Findlay

FYI: Shoe game was strong in this round. Kevvo smashed out Gire Blue Steel mo-fos….Thommo rocked the In-Yor-Face Orangle fluro. Maximus Kicks !!!