CCXL Rd 3 – Leighton Buzz

So off to round 3. Location was Leighton Buzzard, Cedars school to be precise, hosted by LBRCC. LBRCC are a local club that have only been around maybe 5 years in strength, as you can imagine to host a venue for the CX league is a pretty impressive.

I wasn’t really looking forward to Round 3, last year I was away for this race, but rumours / stories of the condition and lack of hills certainly made it unappealing to me. But rock up we did in full force. Thats a blatant lie as it was simply Kevvo and Thommo, still no sign from the other VB contingent (CrashyGuy / Keeno and McManus-O) Story to come ref Scottish contingent racing – clicky clicky.

Summary below:

  • Facility / Location – Good, ample parking, toilets and all good registration
  • Course – Flat……maybe totalling 10 metres of elevation
  • Hurdles – Still fecking high….two sets…yep 4 hurdles !
  • BPM – Fecking high
  • Gridding – Thommo 38 / Kevvo 68
  • Performance – Thommo – poor – average (48th)  / Kevvo – exceptional (44th)
  • Keeno / CrashyGuy / McManuso – DNS