CCXL Rd 1 – And so it begins….

With a summer hangover of semi-serious racing in the Oxford Summer league the post back-to-school holiday blues only means one thing….start of the CX season. Our local league is one of the best in the country; the Central CX League. It consists of circa 15 races across a 3.5 months season, with a variety of venues as far north as Corby and South as Heathrow. The league is mostly organised by a chap called Keith Perry who drives his heart and sole into it to make it what it is. (Most of the images used from the races are from Keith), who in addition to organises and manages the league….rides in it….and also takes piccies.¬†Thanks to Keith Perry for the images

Historically the league always kicks off Round 1 at RAF Halton, this brings an immediate smile to your muddy face with the inclusion of brass bands, beer tents and short bibs and jerseys. However 2017 mixed things up a little, the first round was Letchworth. The venue was good, a decent PA system, efficient sign on and good parking. Summary points below:

  • Course:¬† Equal amounts of climbing, descending, long straights and a few twisties.
  • Hurdles: Fucking huge – 2017 season saw the introduction of Nazi style regulation height (40cm) hurdles
  • Bants – 2/5
  • FYI: Equipe Velo turned up in full force which was disappointing….another 6 gridding places lost
  • Gridding: Thommo 28 (yes I was a little surprised at 28 / 102)

Thanks to Keith Perry for the images