CX racing….is’nt that what its all about…..

Before thoughts of the autumnal CX racing season washing over us with mud, sweat and Brew Dog IPA we (initially all of us agreed but only Kev and I actually grew some big enough to take part) decided to test the 1 x CX legs in a summer season of racing.  Up stepped the Oxford Summer League run by Take3Tri. Its essentially 6 rounds of summer CX racing where people rock up on CX or MTB and race for an 40 mins.

So Thursday evenings were booked and Kevvo avec Thommo headed over to Oxford in bitter rush hour with CX weapons strapped to the rear end. Summary here:

  • Well organised
  • Good venue
  • Banter Rating 2.5/5
  • Racing – Good arm to arm combat although a few too many MTB whippets
  • Hurdles: Managable
  • Results – Average – It was summer after all
  • FYI: Kids with waterpistols scolded for having fun – old farts in attendance

Thommo did 2 races, Kevvo did 3.


Jerseys…BCF….Fuck me its official…

So pretty much the main thing that identifies a cycling club, other than their results…….the polished road etiquette on Sunday club rides…..the club house…..the organised crit races….is really the clothing line. The eye catching club shirt that stands out from the bright yellow minion kit or the retina burning oragnes and blue is something to behold. So we set to work designing something special…..think Belgium Lidl meets Paul Smith Donnay……the design expertise came in FOC from our Scottish contingent and it certainly disappoint. We selected a top end manufacturer…mainly as its run by a guy called Godfrey….how cool is that….and the partnership between Godfrey Cycle wear and Velobants was born ! After a short but what seemed like a race season of waiting they turned up and Kevvos house…..images below: