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You might be used to slick, professional & well planned podcasts well VB is here with podcast disruption theory and we give you that start of something new:

The #bantscast

No other podcast delivers you such a breadth of topic coverage from racing strategies, how to build the ultimate CX racer to oktoberfest as well as answering the questions that matter such as when is an Ironman not an Ironman? Really, that part actually happened.

As you’ll hear we’re experts in many subjects that we have no life experiences of so if you have a topic you like us to tackle in the future then please let us know!

These are pilots, it’s meant to be lighthearted, it’s not meant to be pro level, please take it that way: tune in and enjoy our ramblings – hopefully it causes a minor laugh or snigger, enjoy….

PILOT 1 – 3 men on a canal.

If you have battled through episode 1 we’re sure you’ll agree that episode 2 shows a great improvement, imagine how good this will be after 15 episodes!

Following hot on the heels of the race preview of Ashwell Summer CX Rd 2 (above) we’re straight in with the post-race #bantscast……find out who was #neilswheel ?

PILOT 2 – Post race ramblings on the way home.

Here at <insert your brand here> Velobants we don’t bow to any sponsor but if you have a brand or product you’d like us to blatantly promote then send us your merch and we’ll do the rest.

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